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 Mission: Bring to the forefront the need for energy and environmental conservation, which includes, environmentally safe building construction and products for safer living conditions for the environmentally aware, chemically sensitivities, asthmatic and non-toxic living environments for future generations. Energy & Environmental Concepts Inc now in our 24th year has over 3000 clients that rely on these services and products for healthy and sustainable living.

Energy & Environmental Concepts Inc:
 Owner: Incorporated January 1991 to Present
  E.P.A. / D.O.E. (5) Star Certified Energy Consultant.
  Energy Management Programs for Schools and Institutions.
  Environmental Management Programs: (Sick Buildings).
  Energy Saving Management Programs: (Conservation).
  Sick Building Management Programs: (Air Quality).
  Innovator of Air Lock Systems.  (Air Quality Systems).

Consulting Services:
Environmental Analysis / Environmentally Safe Home Design Consulting.  (68) New buildings to date.
  Energy Analysis / Implementation of energy saving programs.  (Over 7000 to date).
  On-site Inspections / (evaluation for sick homes and buildings).  (Mold, Radon, & Indoor Air Quality).
  Blue Print Analysis for Safe Home Construction.  Over (900) safe home retrofits to date.
Lighting Analysis / Energy saving including color corrective natural lighting.
Dark Sky evaluations and recommendations for communities with dark sky ordinances.

Energy and Environmentally Safe Building Products.  Catalog upon request.

Energy & Environmental Management Consultants:
Owner / Pesident: 1981 to 1991
Conducted 1600+ Residential, Commercial & Industrial Management analyses throughout the United States.
Coordinated Lighting analysis programs for over 3000 businesses and resorts.
Conducted 300+ Solid waste analysis – established and implemented programs for schools and businesses.
Designed Lighting analysis for City of Petoskey, Emmett County and Grand Traverse County in assisting implementation of establishing city and county wide ordinance for Dark Sky and Energy Efficient lighting applications that have been used through-out the United States.
Coordinated neighborhood recycling programs for Traverse City, Petoskey, Cadillac and many other
Northern Michigan communities Recycling programs.

Sub-Contractor to Michigan Utility Companies:
 1981 to 1991
 Infratech Corporation: Grand Rapids, MI
Conduct commercial energy audits for MichCon under contract basis throughout Michigan.
Sub-Contractor to Volt Energy Systems, Inc: Grand Rapids, MI
 Conduct residential energy audits for Mich Con and Consumers Power Company Under the RCS program.
 Completed over 8,000 residential and 1,500 commercial audits.

Energy Auditor 1982 – 1985
 Traverse City Energy Management Program.
 Commercial Audit Training Programs.
 Energy Audits of small commercial and light industrial building envelopes.
 Thermoscan interpretation, Residential Van-Scan program for the State of Michigan.

Energy and Environmental Consultants: 1980 to present.
*Architectural design and construction of the first Solar Greenhouse in Michigan and have designed
27 additional Solar Greenhouses to date.
  *Energy Code blueprint inspections on new safe home construction.
 *Renovation – exterior and interior of a 100-year-old home in Traverse City.
 *Organized first recycling center in Northern Michigan for glass,     cardboard, and newsprint 1971-1973.
 *Organized first curbside recycling program in Northern Michigan in 1985.
 *Organized composting programs for counties in Northern Michigan.
 *Organized Energy and Environmental management programs for resorts and institutions throughout the U.S.

Design and construction of two state certified solar systems.
   1st Portable Solar Greenhouse.
   1st Portable Solar Window Box Unit.

Energy Researcher /  Internship – September 1979 – January 1981
 Alpena Community College:
 Research, preparation of a Passive Solar Greenhouse design and construction.
 Educational program for Solar Greenhouse presentation.
 Demonstration and construction of the 1st  Passive Solar Greenhouse.

Educational Programs:
On-going attendance and quest speaker at seminars and conferences throughout the U.S. and Canada regarding Energy and Environmental Conservation Management, Safe Home and Building Construction, Renewable Resources, Recycling Programs, Dark Sky Management, Energy Efficient & 12V Lighting Systems, S.A.D., and updates on technical information.

 Education and Certifications:
 Alpena Community College, April: 1980
 Passive Solar Greenhouse, Energy & Renewable Conservation

 Federal Energy Auditor, May: 1981
 Department of Energy: Washington D.C.

Commercial Auditor Training, Energy Administration
(D.O.E.) Department of Energy / Washington D.C. 1982
State of Michigan Energy Programs Aug: 1982
 Portable Solar Greenhouse and Solar Window Box

 State Energy Auditor, May: 1985
 Public Service Commission: Lansing, MI

Updated Commercial & Industrial Auditor Training 1989
D.O.E.  Southfield, MI
Urban Organic Grower, Aug: 1990
 Michigan Organic Growers: Lansing MI

Engineering Society of Detroit: March: – 1991
 10yrs Energy & Environmental Conservation: Detroit MI

Engineering Society of Michigan, March: 1991
 Composting, Recycling & Materials Recovery: Detroit MI

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Dec: -1992
 National Radon Measurement Proficiency (RMP) Program

The Environmental Assessment Association: (EAA), 1994

A.L.A “Healthy House” Board Member / Consultant 1996 to 1998

EPA / DOE (5) Star Energy Certification Program: 1999

Professional Awards:
 Honorable Mention, May 1989 Energy Efficiency Awards, Lansing MI
 Michigan Public Service Commission Office of Energy Programs.

 National Directory of Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals, 1994
 Energy and Environmental Conservation and Management Programs.

 Michigan Lighthouse Keepers Association – Round Island Lighthouse
 Hiaiwatha National Forest Department  St. Ignace, Mi  1996

 EPA (5) Star Energy Programs
 MCS: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Friends Network of Michigan
 Chemical Injury Information Network
 Environmentally Responsible Design & Construction Network
 Green Lights Ally
 Dark Sky Association
 National Solar Energy Association
 Seasonal Affective Disorder Assc: (S.A.D.)
 Rails to Trails Conservancy
 Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
 Grand Traverse Land Conservancy
 Adopt-A-Highway Program / M-37  (Old Mission)
 Wilderness Society
 Special Olympics
 The Nature Conservancy
 Recycled Products (RPG) 
 Lighthouse Keepers Association of Michigan
 Wind Generator Green Rate Program 1995 / T.C.L & P.

Up-dated Feb 2008
Steven Kopacki
president, consultant